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In June 2016, Southern W.Va. was victim to a devastating flood that killed 23 people and destroyed more than 1,200 homes. In Kanawha County, 400 homes and 70 businesses were destroyed and almost 300 were severely damaged. Among the wreckage was Herbert Hoover High School.

Help the Huskies

Now that their high school is gone, the Herbert Hoover High School Huskies are forced to share Elkview Middle School with 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Because of this, their school days have been reduced to a mere four hours, leaving little time for students to learn anything but the most basic curriculum.

Help Mr. Barth and Herbert Hoover revive some of their washed away programs by sharing our story or donating below. You can also help by checking out our registry at Lowe’s to donate tools and supplies.  All supplies can be shipped to Brian Barth at 5090 Elk River Rd. Elkview, West Virginia 25071.


That teacher

Do you remember that teacher from high school? The one that inspired you? The teacher that believed in you? The one you could always rely on and talk to?

Everyone has that teacher at some point in their life. Students at Herbert Hoover High School are lucky enough to have an entire school full of those teachers. Meet one of them, Brian Barth.


A teacher with a cause

Brian Barth, an art teacher at Herbert Hoover High School, has always been determined to see his students succeed. Before the flood, he noticed that his high school lacked courses for students that were “in-between” or weren’t necessarily interested in the STEM or vocational fields. With nothing more than his own strong will and determination, he decided to change that.

Together, Brian and his family created a budget that allowed them to save enough money from their personal funds to purchase $5,000 worth of tech materials so the teacher could develop a computer coding course. As an art teacher, Brian had no experience in coding, but he was determined to teach himself so he could teach his students.

Then, the 2016 flood occurred and Herbert Hoover High School, along with everything in it, was lost.



Finding Hope in 360

What Students Are Saying


“Mr. Barth has always been a great teacher, even when we were just kids in elementary school,” said Hannah Morris. “He cares so much about his students. He’s taught us all so much. Because of him, I know that even little things, like holding the door for someone, can fill others with happiness and joy.”

Garrett finds hope

Garrett, a student at Herbert Hoover High School, was one of many students that had to be relocated after losing his home in the 2016 flood. He and his family were forced to move to Sissonville, W.Va., 45 minutes away from his previous home. Now,every morning, Garrett rides the bus to school alone.

Despite losing their school, students like Garrett believe the spirit of Hoover lives on through the teachers like Brian.

“Mr. Barth is such a nice man. He’s given so much good advice, and he’s just generally a nice dude to be around,” Garrett said. “He helped a lot of us huge nerds back in the day. He used to let us play Smash Brothers and other video games together during lunch because no one else would have us.”

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