Making a big difference with tiny homes

When a devastating flood hit southern West Virginia in June of 2016, over 200 homes were completely lost. Clay County high school students decided that they could do something big to help their community rebuild. Ironically, it ended up being something tiny.

Students in the Career and Technical Education Center are an innovative group specializing in carpentry, business and web design. The students put these skills into a tiny house that became one family’s tiny home.

With your help, they can keep going.

We promise we will never lose hope.

Help build a house.

From tiny house to tiny home

The talent behind the tiny home


The business component of CTE Enterprises teaches students important business skills to make their ideas marketable in the real world. Classes are taught by Julie Greenlee who specializes in project-based work.


Building and construction classes provide students with the skills necessary to build a house. They are taught by Brian Holcomb, who has been teaching for 22 years.

Web Design

The web design component of CTE Enterprises focuses on designing a webpage from scratch as well as the copywriting for it. Classes are taught by Trey Corwell, who is dedicated to teaching the kids a real world, hands-on experience. They’ve designed their own self-promotional website that they update regularly when school is in session.

Laying the foundation

Julie Greenlee

Julie teaches business, engineering, and marketing classes at CCHS. Her students created the plans and models for the tiny house, constructed cabinets, and worked on book keeping for the project.

Brian Holcomb

Brian teaches building and construction at CCHS. His students have worked on the framing, exterior and interior of the tiny house. He has been teaching carpentry at CCHS since 1995 and he believes that kids need someone to tell them that they can survive in the workplace.

Trey Corwell

Trey teaches business and web development classes at CCHS. His students created the website for the tiny house project, manage social media accounts and photograph the construction process.

John Brown

John teaches electrical and plumbing classes at CCHS. His students worked on the wiring and plumbing for the tiny house, and will get the house set up for the family that receives it.

Big hearts, tiny homes


Our goal

We are proud to work with