A place where hope grows

In June 2016, the flood of the century ravaged portions of southern W.Va., leaving in its wake destroyed homes, businesses and lives. While the flood waters have long since receded, the communities are still working to rebuild.

Rainelle Agricultural Learning Center, located on the elementary school grounds, provides a place where hope grows. The Center shows the children that good can come from rain, the immense gains that come from agricultural knowledge and the importance of healthy living.  Through these efforts the center hopes to enhance healing, encourage a lifelong love of gardening and build healthy habits. 

Will you help us continue to grow?

Immediate need:

A heater for the high tunnel to allow for year-round gardening

Ongoing Needs:

Seed donations so we can continue to grow

Wish List:

Gardening tools, improved dirt and pots to make the project sustainable

Growing for Good

The Rainelle Agricultural Learning Center enhances healing while encouraging¬†healthy habits and building a lifelong long love of gardening. Here’s how:

  • Showing children that good can come from the rain
  • Enhancing children’s agricultural knowledge
  • Reinforcing healthy eating habits
  • Providing fresh produce to a community in the heart of a food desert

Come grow with our gardening kids

Contact Rainelle Elementary for more information

Address: 701 Kanawha Ave

Rainelle, WV 25962